Hi, I’m Mutz, the muse of CatNoteCards.com. I might look like a tuxedo cat on the outside, but on the inside, I’m mischief on four legs. My Person, Susan, a modern-day starving artist, was naturally attracted to me, a beautiful, sophisticated, modern-day starving cat. How did this all come to together? As Susan labored day after day,earning a living as a commercial artist to support her fine art passion, I labored day after day to keep the studio lively and chaotic. Long story short, Susan finally realized what I always knew, that I would make a better inspiration than any silly old mountains or sunsets. Since I move quickly she decided to capture my antics as Chinese ink wash sketches on rice paper. If you you want a piece of the action, you can purchase me in a set of notecards to share my hijinks with your friends. If you would like a bigger piece of the action, you can buy full size original work of art, starring yours truly, to hang in your home. To get the party started, please click below.

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